If emotional intelligence a preferred skill, what are you doing to develop it?


Emotional intelligence is a critical tool in business. After years labelled a discretionary “soft skill”, two decades of scientific and business research has demonstrated the value of emotional intelligence for leaders, sales people and anyone whose job involves influencing and engaging people. This foundational skill underpins our capacity to work well with others, manage stress and make effective decisions. And since emotional intelligence is changeable, it can be  learned, increasing individual and business performance.

By understanding the science behind emotional intelligence and how to accurately assess, predict and develop emotional intelligence, businesses can take a far more targeted approach to people development.

Emotions play a far greater role in determining business outcomes than many business leaders realise. While economic and business theory classically assumes people are rational in the choices and decisions they make, neuroscience now demonstrates that facts are not nearly as influential as emotions. Emotions guide our thinking and behaviour—what we think, how we think, how we make decisions and how we act on them. By learning how to be more intelligent with emotions, people can develop greater awareness of themselves and others,  make more effective decisions, manage pressure and stress, and build better relationships.
We teach people the science of emotions so they can use them more intelligently. Our approach works with anyone from senior executive to frontline manager and blue-collar worker. We find that those who start out skeptical about the benefit of learning “soft” skills like emotional intelligence quickly get on board when they learn the “hard” science that can help them be more strategic, effective and people savvy. We also assess emotional intelligence with tools such as MSCEIT, EQ-I 2.0 and Genos EI to ensure people understand and commit to developing their EI capabilities.
Learn more about emotional intelligence or download our White Paper on Emotional Intelligence at Work.

Client stories

We have been working to build emotional intelligence in top leaders throughout Australia and New Zealand for the last few years. Our scientific approach quickly got senior leaders and technical experts on board and championing the program to their teams.
We are working with Schneider Electric to develop the next generation of global leaders. Greater emotional intelligence is translating into great business results.
Schneider Electric, read the client story
A Group Strategy Manager at a multinational pharmaceutical company had been advised to improve his people skills or his job was on the line. Initially sceptical about emotional intelligence training, he took on the challenge. His new emotional intelligence skills soon hotshot his career and opened doors.
Senior leader, read the client story
Perpetual, a leading investment services group, wanted their financial advisers to master the art of emotional intelligence to deepen client relationships and instil trust. They walked away with a new mindset and way of thinking about themselves, their colleagues and their clients.
Victoria Police achieved astounding results when sergeants from major crime and highway patrol, the most stressful areas of the force, learned resilience and emotional intelligence skills.
Victoria Police, read the client story

Emotional intelligence solutions

MSCEIT Accreditation: Advanced Emotional Intelligence Training

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Learn to predict and develop emotional intelligence with the only abilities-based EI tool. MSCEIT provides unprecedented insights to enhance people’s success and improve business outcomes.

Increasing your Effectiveness with Emotional Intelligence


Emotional intelligence is a critical tool in business today. Emotional Intelligence underpins our capacity to perform in our roles, manage pressure and make good decisions. Emotions guide our thinking and behaviour, playing a far greater […]

Foundations of Emotional Intelligence


Emotional intelligence is a critical skill in business, underpinning people’s capacity to work well with others, manage stress and make decisions. This one-day workshop equips you with the foundations.

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