Leadership is about people. And to lead people we first need to be able to lead ourselves.

Self-awareness is the foundation of great leadership. When the 75 members of Stanford Graduate School of Business’s Advisory Council rated the top leadership capability, the results were nearly unanimous: self awareness. When a leader understands their own drives, motivations, strengths, weaknesses, values and potentials, they are more able to understand and get the best from people.

What people often value most in their work are relationships, particularly with a manager who shows care for them as a person. A bad or ineffectual relationship with their line manager is the most common reason people leave an organisation. Leaders with high technical proficiency and low emotional intelligence and people skills risk mismanaging increasingly diverse workforces and reducing performance. According to the Corporate Leadership Council, the primary causes of derailment in executives involve low emotional intelligence, particularly difficulty handling change, poor teamwork and interpersonal relationships.

We focus on helping leaders develop the self-awareness, people skills, mindful habits and resilience that lead to successful outcomes for themselves, their business and the people they lead. We teach them how the brain and people work best so they can be more productive, engage people and elicit great performance.

Client stories

We have been working to build emotional intelligence in top leaders throughout Australia and New Zealand for the last few years. Our scientific approach quickly got senior leaders and technical experts on board and championing the program to their teams.
We are working with Schneider Electric to develop the next generation of global leaders. Greater emotional intelligence is translating into great business results.
Schneider Electric, read the client story
Crown Melbourne, one of Australia’s premier casino and entertainment complexes, partnered with us to increase the levels of engagement and collaboration across the business by building emotional intelligence into their emerging leaders program. The feedback and results have been exceptional.
Crown Entertainment, read the client story
La Trobe University’s Division of Marketing and Engagement wanted to develop a strong, cohesive and flexible leadership team that could achieve goals and manage large, diverse teams more effectively. We helped them build a high performing, strategic leadership team by playing to strengths.

Leadership solutions

Positive Leadership

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Positive Leadership offers a new lens on developing leaders who become powerful enablers of organisational performance and growth. This two-day program enables leaders to build a high performing culture.

Leadership for Women


This two-day program is for women who want to develop the presence, confidence and leadership skills to move into more senior positions and harness their strengths as a powerful, authentic female leader.

i4 Neuroleader Certification

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Discover the core 'brain and body' abilities that have a direct impact on leadership effectiveness. i4 Neuroleader is a new leadership and feedback tool with the brain at its core.

Provided by our partner About My Brain.

The Neuroscience of Leadership

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Our understanding of the brain has changed dramatically in the past 20 years. This program equips you with the latest insights and tools to harness the brain’s potential and lead in fast-changing global environments.

Managing People with Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional intelligence gives us the “people savvy” to get the best out of others. More than knowledge, technical skills or traditional measures of intelligence, this […]

Positive Leadership

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A positive framework for developing extraordinary leaders.
Traditional leadership approaches often focus on identifying and solving problems that prevent organisations from reaching optimal performance. Positive Leadership […]

Leadership articles

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What Every Manager Needs to Know About Engagement: Focus on People’s Strengths

July 22nd, 2015|Comments Off on What Every Manager Needs to Know About Engagement: Focus on People’s Strengths

Focusing on strengths is one of the greatest differences you can make to get the best from people and organisations. Sue Langley's recent LinkedIn blog explains why.

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Leadership in a connected world

December 3rd, 2014|Comments Off on Leadership in a connected world

Smart use of emotions can improve our capacity to work well with others, engage with our jobs and lead in the 21st century. Welcome to a world of EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient) over IQ.

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