Excellent service, sales and business development are based on good relationships.

Customer service

Our brains are geared for empathy and rapport and these essential sales and service skills can be practiced and learned. With new insights and tools we can create the positive emotional connections and memorable experiences that satisfy customers and make them loyal.

We explain the science of engaging customers and building trusted client relationships, enabling people to understand and apply these skills as they never have before.

We can help sales people, advisers, client managers, customer service teams, call centre operators, front line managers, and anyone whose job involves engaging customers:

  • Quickly create positive connections that engage, attract and earn client or customer loyalty
  • Develop emotional intelligence skills to instil trust and ensure excellent outcomes in client conversations
  • Increase resilience and create a positive, energised environment that enhances results
  • Build a culture of excellent service in teams and the whole organisation.

Client stories

Perpetual, a leading investment services group, wanted their financial advisers to master the art of emotional intelligence to deepen client relationships and instil trust. They walked away with a new mindset and way of thinking about themselves, their colleagues and their clients.

Sales and service solutions

The Emotionally Intelligent Adviser

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Expert advisers master emotional intelligence to build trusting client relationships. This two-day program is specifically designed to equip finance professionals to succeed in new regulatory environments.

Customer Service Excellence


The Customer Service Excellence program is a one-day program designed to help you achieve your level of customer service excellence by tapping into your brain's potential to make positive connections.

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