STRENGTHS PROFILE Assessment and Accreditation


Strengths Profile is a world-leading strengths tool that changes the way we assess, develop and leverage talent in people. Strengths Profile is built from a decade of theoretical and empirical research in positive psychology. Designed by Professor Alex Linley and his team at Cappfinity in the UK, Strengths Profile is used by leading organisations including Schneider Electric, Salesforce, QBE and GE Health.

The Strengths Profile tool is unique and distinct from traditional one-dimensional strengths tests, assessing 60 strengths across three dimensions of energy, performance and use. The tool distributes the data across four quadrants:

  • Realised Strengths are the things they find energising, perform well, and use often
  • Learned Behaviours are the things they have learned to do well, yet do not energise them
  • Weaknesses are the things they find it hard to do well and find draining
  • Unrealised Strengths are the things they find energising and perform well, yet don’t use so often

This model provides a positive platform for development, enabling people to design strategies to maximise growth potential, minimise weaknesses and optimise performance and wellbeing.

Starting your journey towards being a strengths-based organisation is easy to do. Langley Group can help you implement the strengths-based approach through our engaging workshops to introduce strengths to your people. This usually includes assessments and debriefs for those attending. It can also be cost effective to have people in your organisation accredited in debriefing the Strengths Profile tool, giving you the opportunity to continue to use the tool with new hires or other teams.

  • Sample Reports


    The Expert Profile provides a comprehensive strengths profile of all realised strengths, unrealised strengths, learned behaviours and weaknesses, along with detailed guidance to help people develop and perform at their best.


    The Manager Report supports people to get the best from their teams by summarising and developing their direct report’s key strengths. Ideal for managers and leaders to develop talent and have effective on-boarding conversations.


    Managers and facilitators use the Team Profile to enhance team performance by maximising opportunities for growth of individuals and collectively, the team. It features dominant team strengths, individuals at a glance and a SWOT Analysis.


    The Introductory Profile introduces the four quadrants of the Strengths model, by reporting up to seven each of realised and unrealised strengths, four learned behaviours, and three weaknesses. Ideal for managers, HR practitioners and recruiters.


Becoming an accredited Strengths Profile Practitioner means you will be able to understand, interpret and debrief the Strengths Expert Profile, which reveals individuals’ realised and unrealised strengths, learned behaviours (or de-energising) and weaknesses.  You will also learn to facilitate positive, strengths-based coaching and development conversations.

The accreditation is offered in both virtual classroom modes and (when regulations permit) face-to-face. It is ideal for:

  • HR and L&D professionals
  • Business and team leaders
  • Recruitment specialists
  • Coaches
  • Trainers and facilitators
  • Consultants
  • Psychologists

This intensive training programme includes small group practice, personal feedback and mentoring, as well as post-workshop assessments to help you confidently and successfully integrate the Strengths Profile model and tool into your coaching practice.

Upcoming Strengths Profile Courses

Jul 06

Strengths Profile Accreditation – Virtual Classroom July 2021

Tuesday 6 July - 9:00 am - Monday 12 July - 12:30 pm AEST
Aug 24

Strengths Profile Accreditation – Virtual Classroom August 2021

Tuesday 24 August - 9:00 am - Monday 30 August - 12:30 pm AEST
Oct 15

Strengths Profile Accreditation – Virtual Classroom October 2021

Friday 15 October - 7:00 pm - Friday 22 October - 10:30 pm AEDT