Strengths Profile Leader Accreditation

Self-awareness in leadership separates good leaders from great leaders

Discover your key leadership strengths, the best way for you to use them and achieve success with this highly personalised and actionable report.

This all-inclusive leadership report is tailored to who you are as a leader, defines your leadership style and gives direction as to how to lead effectively, in a way that feels the most authentic to you.

As well as mapping your key strengths to the 4 quadrants, we visually interpret your strengths for a truly detailed view, giving you the data and ability to apply to all areas of your leadership.

This is packaged together with practical tips and actions giving you all the tools needed to succeed.


As a scalable product to win new business and offer them new ways to approach their leadership vision and development programmes. Use in executive coaching to help leaders identify and develop their leadership style or in career coaching to get people confident and ready for their next promotion.


As a cost-effective opportunity for learning and development programmes, aiming to improve employee performance, and engagement. Help retain your best people by offering training and life-long learnings they can take with them throughout their careers and give leaders the tools to embed a positive culture where people thrive.


As an integrated add-on to your post-graduate programmes or certificates to help drive student recruitment and experience. Can also be used for undergraduate qualifications as a focus on employability and getting students career ready for future leadership roles.


As a personal self-assessment that identifies and develops your leadership style, maximising your effectiveness. Use it to get yourself confident and ready for your next career move.

  • All the Expert Profile data covering your 60 strengths
  • Your Top 21 Leadership Strengths across the 4 quadrants of realised and unrealised strengths, learned behaviours and weaknesses
  • All 60 strengths ranked in order across the Strengths Families
  • Your distribution across each Family and tools to take action in all 4 quadrants
  • Highly personalised and detailed actions for leading others, your organisation and yourself
  • Flags potential hidden risks for a more holistic view
  • Expert coaching questions to enhance your reflections
  • Identifies strengths aligned to your values and helps define your natural leadership style
  • Practical tips to make a positive difference to others and your organisation
  • Help realign your goals in ways where you’re more likely to succeed
  • Empowers you to become the most authentic and successful leader you can be

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Master Trainer

Sue Langley

Sue Langley is CEO and Founder of the Langley Group, and is an expert master trainer in EI and positive psychology. Her ability to energise teams for change, develop resilience and wellbeing in others, and to inspire leaders to be the best they can be, makes her one of the most sought-after speakers in her field.


$900 + GST per person


4 hours of online live learning via Zoom

3 x Leader Profiles

Personal workbook

Certificate and badge

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