Strengths Profile Master Accreditation

Take your strengths knowledge to the next level

Leverage strengths in coaching, career development, workshops and more

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Take your strengths knowledge and application skills to the highest level

For those ready to take their strengths skills to the highest level, the Strengths Profile Master Accreditation (Level 3) is the perfect next step.

Powerfully help individuals, teams and organisations maximise strengths

As a Strengths Profile Practitioner looking to become a Master Practitioner, you understand the powerful, world-leading strengths assessment and research-based development tool, Strengths Profile. In this Master Accreditation, you will walk away with the knowledge, confidence, and tools to improve the use of strengths within your organisation or your clients’ organisation. Whether you are looking for ways to enhance engagement, wellbeing, retention, leadership, and productivity, or provide your clients with the best possible resources to maximise their strengths.

The accreditation includes four toolkits – Coaching, Team, Careers, and Manager – enabling you to master the art of understanding, interpreting, and debriefing the Strengths Profile; an individual’s or team’s realised strengths, learned behaviour, weaknesses and unrealised strengths.


Who want to become experts in Strengths Profile and support clients to unlock their potential. Building on your strengths knowledge, the Master Accreditation shows you how to have powerful conversations about strengths dynamics and profile changes over time.


Who want to appreciate and develop the unique strengths of their team and to have impactful strengths discussions with each member about performance and professional development.


Who want to have engaging career conversations with students about their strengths and suitable careers, and get them ready to celebrate and share their strengths in interviews.

HR Professionals

Who want to deepen and champion the strengths approach within their organisation by embedding it within individuals, teams and managers.

Prior to beginning the Master Accreditation, it is necessary to complete the Strengths Profile Accreditation.

  • The Master Accreditation comprises four Modules of content, covering deep expertise on the application of strengths within Coaching, Teams, Careers and Managers.

  • Each Module will refer to the relevant Toolkit for additional content and support for you to embed strengths in these areas following the programme.

  • Within Module 2 there is a live Team debrief activity to participate in.

  • There is no time limit to complete the virtual accreditation, although we recommend you do this within 3-4 months to maximise the impact of the learning.

  • Each Module includes assignments to embed your learning and optional resources to ensure you have all the additional reading and videos from our wealth of strengths information!

  • To be fully prepared, there is some fabulous pre-work to undertake, so let’s get started!

Module 1
Expert Strengths Coaching

  • Setting up the Coaching Module

  • Coaching Application

  • Strengths Families

  • Unique Profiles

  • Profile Changes

  • Strengths Dynamics

Module 2
Team Development

  • Setting up the Team Module

  • Teams Best Practice

  • The Team Profile

  • Debriefing the Team Profile Example

  • Team Workshops

Module 3
Career Development

  • Setting up the Career Module

  • Strengths Assessments

  • Career Conversations and Applications

  • The Career Guide

Module 4
The Strengths Manager

  • Setting up the Manager Module

  • Developing the Manager Strengths

  • Developing the Team Strengths – Application

  • Developing the Team Strengths – Conversations

What’s Included?

  • A PDF of each of the Master Accreditation Workbooks

  • Four Toolkits – Coaching, Team, Career Development and Manager

These will be most helpful to you after the accreditation for workshop and application ideas. We’ve noted the page numbers in the workbook where it would be useful to have these to hand.

  • Certificate

“Completing the Master Programme has helped me expand my career as now I can use Strengths Profile in so many different ways. The tools are amazing! There is a fantastic set of resources you can refer to whether you want to do a team session, coach someone around their career or help someone with their confidence.

It gave me so much confidence as a coach, which means I can make a real difference for my clients. I would highly recommend the Master Programme as it will give you a much deeper level of knowledge and widen the way in which you use strengths. I also love the fact that it is online and I could do this in my own time. The videos are fun and interesting to follow, and it’s a really enjoyable process.”

– Karen Sargent, Work Joyful

Upcoming Course Dates

Course Dates

Upcoming Courses

Mon 29

Strengths Profile Master Accreditation August 2022

Monday 29 August - 9:00 am - Thursday 1 September - 12:30 pm AEST

This course is limited to 20 participants, so book now to avoid disappointment!

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Senior Consultant and Facilitator

Melanie Weir

Melanie Weir works with Langley Group as a Senior Consultant and Facilitator, bringing her knowledge and experience in positive HR practices to the company and our clients. She has a real zest for providing professional, innovative, and simple tools that bring out the best in people and teams.


$1,495 + GST per person

Covers a pre-training Strengths Profile assessment and debrief, all training materials, follow up accreditation resources and mentoring sessions, plus exceptional Master Trainer.

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