Student Insights: Five minutes with Luke George

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In our 10653NAT Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing we always talk about starting with self and creating a ripple effect out there in the world – whatever that may mean for you. 

In this interview, one of our Diploma graduates explains how the course contributed to him starting a new business venture that helps others make positive and lasting change in their lives.

Luke George

Personal Branding Specialist, Culture Coach and Wellbeing Facilitator – “By George”

Melbourne – September 2017 – Alumni

What drew you to complete the Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing?

There are a few events that drew me to completing the Diploma of Positive Psychology with the Langley Group Institute.

I started my career as a teacher helping students reach their potential, and being a positive influence on their lives. Then I spent 20 years in building and selling three businesses which was quite a change from teaching. Yet throughout these years, I kept returning to helping individuals be their best selves personally and professionally.

It was during 2017, when I was searching for the next business idea after selling an education company in 2016, that I came across the science of Positive Psychology. I realised that everything I had been doing informally was actually science based. This ignited a spark internally, and also as an opportunity. I knew I needed to be a different person to reach a different level, so credentials were important. 

Positive Psychology would also help me understand people’s actions, motivations and thought processes in certain situations.

Plus, I had two important factors for moving forward – time and resources. 

How was your experience of the Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing? 

Prior to flying from Perth to Melbourne to attend the six face to face days, I spent five weeks reading the additional material, and allocated October and November to complete the assessments. I was committed.

Both facilitators, Denise and Frances, showed that they were equally committed and passionate, and I found the content and activities to be very relevant and engaging. 

I knew success was in my control. The Langley Group had equipped me with all the elements.

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The research and science behind Positive Psychology was affirming my beliefs and lifestyle. The PERMA model by Martin Seligman resonates to the human condition. The interactive activities were a highlight coming from an educator’s point of view, and coupled with the group discussions, the messages were reinforced.

Before enrolling I had spoken to another Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing student who assured me that the investment was worthwhile and that The Langley Group Institute were a professional organisation. My expectations were confirmed during the course and during the assessment phase.

How are you spreading your positive ripples, and how has the Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing helped you achieve this?

I realised there was an opportunity to combine my Diploma of Positive Psychology, business acumen and passion for helping people into a commercial venture.

Since completing the Diploma in November, I turned my attention to applying my strengths and skill set to supporting ex-employees find meaningful income streams. The business model has been influenced by many mentors and the three-day workshop is taking shape with input from respected educators.


The company “By George” is the culmination of many years’ experience and knowledge and am excited that my next life phase is assisting people to understand the virtues of leading a positive lifestyle. Future target markets are students, athletes and public workshops.

Already I have worked with several individuals who have made small changes in their life that have had major positive impacts on their wellbeing. They are very grateful, which in turn increases my wellbeing.

Personally, I have enacted the key principles of gratitude, random acts of kindness, self care, mindfulness, goal setting, relationship building, and calmness (amongst others) and notice the rewards in my decision making, outlook on life, handling of stress, continual happiness and hunger for more knowledge. I do this because I need to know it works if I am going to teach it. I walk the talk and it works.

Attending the Diploma of Positive Psychology came at the right time for me because it fitted my personal and professional goals. The important thing for me was the commitment I made to myself and my family.

The course takes you on your journey and you will definitely learn something that can change the way you look at life.

It all depends on whether you want to be the best person you can be. All the answers are there.

Watch the below video to hear more students share what makes the Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing a unique and life-changing course.

Learn more about the 10653NAT Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing by downloading the course guide here.

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