The Neuroscience of Happiness Online Webinar

The Neuroscience of Happiness Online Webinar2019-01-07T14:06:49+10:00

Webinar 1: An Introduction to Your Brain, Neuroscience, and Happiness

In the first session:

  • Brain basics – What are the key areas of our brains and what are they responsible for
  • Happiness basics – An introduction to Positive Psychology and the neuroscience behind it
  • How technology is helping us understand more about the brain and how we can use these insights to increase happiness.

Webinar 2: Debunking Some of the Biggest Brain Myths 

In the second session:

  • ‘My brain is just wired that way’… or is it?
  • How different are male and female brains?
  • Is there such a thing as being ‘right-brained’ or ‘left-brained’?
  • What is neuroplasticity and how can we harness it to change our brains?

Webinar 3: Brain Friendly Habits

In the third session:

  • How habits are formed in the brain
  • How we can change existing habits
  • The neuroscience of creating lasting positive habits that contribute to our long-term happiness

Webinar 4: Mindfulness

In the fourth session:

  • Introduction to different forms of mindfulness: ‘traditional’ and modern
  • Mindfulness vs Mindlessness and how it can affect our happiness
  • The research and practice of training your brain
  • Reviewing different mindfulness practices

Webinar 5: Brain-based strategies for happiness

In the fifth session:

  • Develop a wide range of foundational neuroscience-based strategies to keep the reptilian brain happy
  • Gain a smorgasbord of positive psychology-based strategies for keep our brains and us happy
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