Free webinar: Practical Ways to Apply Positive Psychology


Thank you for your interest in our free online webinar and the opportunity to learn about the practical ways you can apply positive psychology to live a happier, more engaged and more meaningful life. 

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The live online webinar will cover:

  • The role of positive emotions in happiness and wellbeing
  • How our mindset influences the way we respond, our impact on others and our happiness level
  • The role of mindfulness in more accurately assessing and responding to situations and people
  • Resilience and our capacity to withstand and adapt to the challenges life throws us
  • How optimism enables us to see more solutions, be more successful and stay motivated
  • The importance of gratitude and how it connects us to a sense of life’ s wonder
  • Working with our strengths to reach our potential.
We look forward to you joining us at the free webinar on WEDNESDAY 20 MAY 2015 at 2.00PM (AEST).

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Your presenter Sue Langley

Sue Langley
Sue Langley is a speaker, master trainer, global business consultant, researcher and leading advisor on the practical applications of positive psychology, emotional intelligence and neuroscience. Her gift is synthesising science into simple, practical tools anyone can use to live succeed and thrive.

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The Diploma of Positive Psychology & Wellbeing is a nationally-recognised course designed for busy professionals who want to help individuals, organisations and communities to flourish. A unique opportunity to learn the science and practice of positive psychology and apply it in your work and life.