Working with the Langley Group offers you a unique and rewarding opportunity to inspire individuals, organisations and communities to be the best they can be.

Dynamic, flourishing business and team

Founded in 2002 by Sue Langley, the Langley Group of companies has been pioneering practical applications of neuroscience, emotional intelligence and positive psychology for over ten years. We are a flourishing business with a reputation for innovation, quality, professionalism and strong ongoing relationships with top client in Australia and around the world. We thrive on new and entrepreneurial ideas and work in flexible, often virtual, teams.

Positive learning culture

We offer a supportive, collaborative and fun environment that will support your development and enable you to learn the most effective and practical evidence-based strategies available. Our wide variety of projects, clients and industries bring excitement, challenge and bountiful opportunities to exercise leadership and initiative. We also provide structured training and one-on-one coaching and mentoring. We practice what we preach and will help you realise your strengths so you can reach your potential and make a real difference to others.

Living our values

Sue Langley founded the Langley Group with a unifying purpose: “To breathe spirit into the minds of people to inspire them to reach their own level of excellence.” She wanted to share her gift for synthesising science into practical tools. Our sustaining vision is to inspire as many individuals, organisations and communities around the world as possible to apply positive psychology, emotional intelligence and neuroscience to be the best they can be. We aim to do this every day by living and breathing what we value and teach.

Our values in action

  • Professionalism. Ensuring the highest standards to the best we can be.
  • Intelligence. Teaching the science and being intelligent with emotions.
  • Relationships. Cultivating lasting positive relationships with our clients and team.
  • Authenticity. Fostering our awareness, realising our strengths practicing what we teach.
  • Zest. Living life with excitement and energy and transferring positive emotions.
  • Aesthetics. Savouring all the senses and bringing learning beautifully to life.

Client stories

What our team say

I love my team. I really do. I love people in general. I love my team. I am grateful and lucky to have them in my life.

They work hard and make me look good and I can’t put a price on that. I love that they seem to think I am OK too! I value the skills, I value the time, I value the ideas. I even value when we drive each other a little mad – as mainly it is because everyone is so flat out! And usually still smiling!

Sue Langley, Langley Group
I love being part of a team that recognises and values individual strengths and provides opportunities to develop them.

Finally feel I am able to breathe and grow with an organisation that nurtures my creativity and encourages me to experiment with my ideas. Being surrounded by like-minded people who collectively want to make a positive contribution. Being part of an organisation, which is clear in its purpose and values and actively demonstrates this in its everyday practices. Being part of a team which, despite the geographical spread, has a strong sense of community.

Ali Palmer, Growing Great Schools
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