Developing engaged, collaborative emerging leaders.

Crown Melbourne, one of Australia’s premier casino and entertainment complexes, partnered with us to increase the levels of engagement and collaboration across the business by building emotional intelligence into their emerging leaders program.

The existing curriculum was operationally focussed, so we partnered with the learning team to build emotional intelligence content across their year-long program. This approach now gives future leaders the people and personal development skills to deliver optimal business outcomes. We also trained internal team members to deliver EI modules autonomously, equipping them with the knowledge and expertise to train people in emotional intelligence.

The feedback from the program has been exceptional.

In addition to excellent development outcomes for individuals, collaboration has improved dramatically. The business is reporting unprecedented cross-pollination of knowledge across departments. New leaders are reporting exceptional performance and engagement from their teams in a short time.

Attendance at other programs the Langley Group deliver within the Crown curriculum has skyrocketed, as these leaders actively encourage their team to participate in workshops teaching communication, conflict resolution, interpersonal and emotional intelligence skills. Teams within similar areas of the business are collaborating to share workloads so whole teams can attend together.

Now in it’s third year, Crown is rolling out the program in their new resort acquisitions.

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