The art and science of engaging customers and teams.

Advances in brain science and psychology are revealing the why as well as the how of great customer service. Our brains are geared for empathy and rapport and these customer service essentials can be practiced and learned. With new insights and tools we can create the positive emotional connections and memorable experiences that satisfy customers and make them loyal.

The Customer Service Excellence program is a one-day program designed to help you achieve your level of customer service excellence by tapping into your brain’s potential to make positive connections. It offers a unique blend of best-practice customer service training informed by neuroscience and positive psychology delivered in a fun, interactive and practical way so you can apply your learning right away.

This training will enable you to:

  • Improve customer service mindset, knowledge and skill by applying brain science and positive psychology.
  • Discover how the brain works, what motivates customers and how to satisfy and delight them.
  • Quickly create positive connections that engage, attract and earn customer loyalty.
  • Increase resilience and a culture of excellent service in your team.
  • Build a toolkit to handle yourself in challenging situations and get the best out of yourself and others.

Customer service staff, hospitality and retail staff, call centre operators, front line managers, and anyone whose job involves engaging customers.

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In-house training

Ask us about delivering this training in your organisation or professional network. We can also tailor programs to suit your business, audience and strategic goals.
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