Overcoming unconscious bias in workplaces and teams.

Is unconscious bias hindering diversity and inclusion in your workplace?

Subtle and not-so-subtle biases can lead to errors in perception, judgment and decisions, hindering our efforts to engage or include others. They can also blind us to the value that people from various cultures, backgrounds, genders and ages can bring to workplaces. This can limit opportunities for talented people who don’t fit prevailing norms and reduce diversity of thinking in workgroups and teams.

The Diversity and Inclusion programme draws on the latest neuroscience to examine how unconscious bias works in the brain, challenging leaders or others to become more aware of hidden biases and how to overcome them. Thought-provoking activities illustrate how people unwittingly build barriers that exclude others and how to create more conscious and collaborative connections.

This training will enable you to:

  • Understand the key brain mechanisms that make us prone to bias.
  • Identify hidden biases prevalent in society and occurring in your workplace.
  • Learn strategies for overcoming unconscious biases in areas such as leadership, team-building, human resources and recruitment.
  • Explore ways to build trust between diverse individuals and teams and build a culture of diversity, collaboration and inclusion.
This programme can be delivered as a stand-alone half-day session, one-day workshop or one-hour briefing. It can be integrated into leadership or diversity training or initiatives.
Executives, leaders, human resource managers, change agents, teams at all levels of the organisation.
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In-house training

Ask us about delivering this training in your organisation or professional network. We can also tailor programs to suit your business, audience and strategic goals.
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