Emotional intelligence can be defined as “the intelligent use of emotions”.

“People with well-developed emotional skills are also more likely to be content and effective in their lives, mastering the habits of mind that foster their own productivity; people who cannot marshal some control over their emotional life fight inner battles that sabotage their ability for focused work and clear thought.” 

― Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence

This two-day face to face Emotional Intelligence for Leaders programme is designed to increase your awareness of how you manage and respond to your own emotions as well as to those around you.

This requires a high level of self-awareness. A higher level of awareness of our own emotions gives us the ability to more effectively perceive emotions of others.

This programme will increase your ability to:

  • Understand the science of emotions – the body and brain connection
  • Understand how our emotions impact us and our reactions
  • Perceive emotions in ourselves, our environment and in others around us
  • Become aware of our underlying emotional triggers and how they progress and change
  • Manage our emotions effectively with practical tools and strategies
  • Build personal resilience
  • Working professionals at all levels of the organisation
  • Existing and new leaders who wish to effectively learn to manage their own emotions and influence others more positively
  • Individuals who would like to get deeper awareness of their own emotions and other’s
  • Behavioral drivers – understanding the differences in individuals
  • The science of emotions – the body and brain connection
  • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence and the MSC (Mayer, Salvo Caruso) model
  • Perception of emotions in self, others and environment
  • Using emotions in cognitive processes
  • Understanding complexity of emotions and predicting emotional reactions
  • Exercises, practical strategies and tools to manage emotions and build resilience in self and others
  • Building positive relationships and communication
  • Leading effectively with the brain in mind

All participants will receive a full program workbook.

2-day training programme: $1,590 (AUD) per person (inc. GST)

Group discounts: Get 10% off the full fee when 2 or more register, save $350 per person.

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In-house training

Ask us about delivering this training in your organisation or professional network. We can also tailor programs to suit your business, audience and strategic goals.

Expert Facilitators

Jacqui Martin

Jacqui Martin is a dynamic consultant and business leader with extensive experience across education, government and corporate sectors. Senior executive roles, board-level positions and award-winning initiatives have enabled Jacqui to bring practical, hands-on experience and understanding of what it takes to be a successful and authentic female leader. Read bio

Bhavna Sehgal

Bhavna Sehgal is a transformational coach, facilitator and organisational development practitioner with 15+ years of leadership and development experience. She is driven by her purpose of making a difference and is passionate about supporting and inspiring leaders, teams and individuals to unlock their potential and achieve their goals and vision. Read bio

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