Learn how to ask the right questions to build on strengths, create positive futures and facilitate organisational change with Sarah Lewis.

Appreciative Inquiry is the art of asking the right questions to inspire people to shape a positive future. It is focused on ‘growing’ change for the future from the best of the present, rather than trying to achieve change by ‘fixing’ the problems of the past. This dynamic facilitation process creates newness and change in the moment, enabling a group to come to understand itself differently and promoting organisational learning. It works well both when you need to solve tricky problems and when you want to move your team or the whole organisation from good to great.

This highly participative and interactive workshop will take participants through the core 5D Appreciative Inquiry process—define, discovery, dream, design and destiny—creating a full experience of the process. At the same time the workshop will ensure participants understand how and why the magic of Appreciative Inquiry works.

It will explore how positive psychology relates to Appreciative Inquiry, particularly by applying principles of positivity and strengths; and how generativity and volunteerism are key to successful Appreciative Inquiry events. Participants will learn how to practice Appreciative Inquiry under different circumstances, for instance when it is not possible to bring the whole system together simultaneously, as well as how it can be used in individual coaching and team development.

The facilitator will share her own experience of practicing in this way for the last twenty-odd years through stories and case-studies, and will offer guidance on the dos and don’ts of facilitating a successful event.

Participants will leave the workshop:

  • Able to design, facilitate and run a 5D Appreciative Inquiry event
  • Able to explain the process and the role of leadership in such an event to leaders
  • Aware of the key success factors for running a successful event
  • Knowing how the process can be adapted to different organisational constraints
  • Understanding how the 5D process can be scaled down for individual coaching and team events
  • With clear guidance on where to go for further information and resources.
Coaches, consultants, facilitators, human capital managers, change agents, leaders and aspiring leaders.
Course fee: $995 +GST.
This workshop is brought to you in association with Appreciating Change

In-house training

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Expert Facilitator

Sarah Lewis
Sarah Lewis
Sarah is a chartered organisational psychologist and one of the leading positive psychology and appreciative inquiry practitioners in the UK. She works with organisations to achieve effective, sustainable, positive change. An Associated Fellow of the British Psychological Society and key founder of the Association of Business Psychologists, Sarah regularly speaks at national and international conferences on positive psychology, Appreciative Inquiry and organisational change. She is author of Positive Psychology at Work, Positive Psychology and Change, and joint author of Appreciative Inquiry for Change Management.

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