A brain-based approach to assessing and developing leadership capability.

Discover the core ‘brain and body’ abilities that have a direct impact on leadership effectiveness, productivity, wellbeing and engagement. i4 Neuroleader is a new leadership development framework and tool that integrates the latest science. The best brain-based tool currently available on the market, it allows individuals, teams and organisations to re-think and challenge their current leadership and business practices while discovering the competencies required to lead in the global innovation economy.

Created by Silvia Damiano and her team at About My Brain Institute, the i4 Neuroleader is a personal leadership model with the brain at its core, made up of four key competencies: performance, collaboration, innovation and agility. The i4 model features brain and body processes that are often forgotten in leadership and organisations. These include inspiration, intuition, imagination and the integration of healthy brain functions.

i4 Neuroleader model

Practical applications for organisations

i4 Neuroleader can unlock anyone’s potential to succeed as a leader in any endeavour. Applications of this innovative brain-based model and tool include leadership development, talent selection, organisational development, team development and executive coaching. It expands people’s body and brain awareness, enhances performance and wellbeing, fosters the desire for change and creates a new level of conversation informed by the latest science.

i4 Neuroleader assessment and development tools include personal leadership profiles, 360 feedback reports, team reports and a comprehensive workbook to further develop neuroleader capabilities.

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Our i4 Neuroleader assessments are provided by our partner company Emotional Intelligence Worldwide. We deliver in-house certification to learn how to use this tool and partner with About My Brain Institute to deliver open courses.

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