Sue Langley recently spoke to Gary Bertwistle on Mojo Radio about the power of being emotionally intelligent as a leader.

Listen to the radio show. 71mins.

Here are some of the topics covered in the show:

  • What is exactly is emotional intelligence?
  • How do we apply emotional intelligence in the workplace?
  • Strategies to handle our emotions for better outcomes.
  • Tips and tools to strengthen our emotional intelligence for better outcomes.
  • Are we really honest with ourselves about the emotions we are experiencing?
  • The rules of emotions and how by knowing the rules, you can manage your own emotions.
  • Ways to practise handling our emotions.
  • Breaking down the fear behind emotions – it’s data. What is the data telling you?
  • Is Emotional Intelligence a key part of leadership?
  • The amazing impact this work can have on our children, in our homes or their school.
  • Mindfulness for kids and the incredible impact it can have.
  • The impact that not giving someone attention can have on their thinking.
  • Building resilience with our children in order to help them grow into stronger adults.
  • Building stronger self regulation and willpower.

For more about emotional intelligence download Sue Langley’s white paper on Emotional Intelligence at Work.

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