An interview with Sue Langley by Dr Michelle Pzier, for Crack the Leadership Code, an online leadership summit.

This year summit leader Dr. Michelle Pizer asked Sue for her insights on leadership and some of the strategies leaders can take to lead with confidence, make a positive difference and build a corporate career they love.

“We can all learn how to do the tasks of leadership better…but it’s not that that will make a difference. It’s the ability to handle, care about, be interested in people,” says Sue when asked for her take on how to crack the leadership code.

“If you think about your role as you get more and more senior as a leader, you’re actually doing less from a task-based perspective. But what you are doing more of is leading through people. You have to be able to lead and influence people in order to get the job done. Once you can genuinely be interested in people, then developing those skills around leading people’s emotions, understanding where they are coming from, leveraging their strengths…will follow.”

Listen to the audio. 30mins.

Sue’s interview is reproduced with permission from Dr. Michelle Pizer.

Read the interview transcript.

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