A series of interviews with Sue Langley and leading positive psychologists, put together by Michelle McQuaid and Positive Psychology Program.

What does it really take to consistently bring out the best in yourself and others? How can we work with people’s brains when it comes to creating lasting positive behavior changes? What are the tested, practical approaches we can be introducing to workplaces? These questions and more were answered in June 2016 in Angers, France when the world’s leading positive psychology researchers gathered at the 8th European Conference on Positive Psychology.

Whether you were at the event or observing from afar, wouldn’t you love a behind the podium conversation with these researchers to discover not just the well-rehearsed presentation of their findings but what they really recommend when it comes to practically applying these ideas? Hear first hand what Felicia Huppert, Ilona Boniwell, James Pawelski, Sue Langley and Neal Garrett have to say when it comes to their latest thoughts on how positive psychology can help bring out the best in ourselves and others at work.

We hope you enjoy their insights!


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