Positive Leadership in Practice is a five-part live, interactive online training series that will equip you with the capabilities to achieve organisational improvement, business benefits and create positive cultures.

When leaders, HR managers, and consultants discover how the latest research in positive psychology, emotional intelligence and neuroscience is transforming workplaces, many are eager to learn what these interventions look like and how to apply them.

Take this opportunity for an in depth discussion with Sue Langley and explore the practical tools necessary to create positive change in your organisation.

This program is designed to enable participants to:

  • Adopt a positive leadership mindset, knowledge and skill
  • Cultivate a positive emotional climate that spreads across teams and the organisation as a whole
  • Build positive relationships to increase mutual support, collaboration and learning
  • Learn positive communication skills to hold affirmative, supportive and constructive conversations
  • Connect people to values and meaning to increase engagement and fulfillment
  • Develop strategies to manage themselves positively during challenging situations and get the best out of themselves and others
  • Minimise negative impact and maximise engagement and reward while leading change
Module 1: Introduction to the positive leadership model

This introductory session will explore the background behind Kim Cameron’s model of positive leadership. The model is underpinned by Positive Organisational Scholarship and based on studies conducted of high performing teams, particularly those who successfully navigated organisational change and restructure. Content will include:

  • What is a positive culture? Leading yourself and others to success
  • Four positive leadership principles you can use to create a positive culture that inspires and motivates yourself and others: positive emotional climate, positive relationships, positive communication and positive meaning
  • Adopting a positive leadership mindset to increase your professionalism, self-leadership, collaboration and resilience skills

Module 2: Positive climate

This session will focus on fostering a positive emotional climate where positive emotions predominate over negative emotions inside and outside the workplace.
Content will include:

  • Cultivating an emotional climate where people feel inspired and motivated to do their best to help achieve business objectives.
  • Positive energy networks: Understanding how positive emotions spread through the organisation and team, and impact behaviour; acting as a positive energiser and influencer
  • Strategies to increase positive emotions, boost resilience and get the best out of yourself and others

Module 3: Positive meaning

Reinforcing positive meaning where people feel like they are engaging in purposeful work and positive outcomes that bring value to the business will be the focus of the last webinar in the series. Content will include:

  • Enhancing meaning at work for more performance and engagement.
  • Exploring personal values in line with business purpose, vision and values

Module 4: Positive relationships

The focus of this session is building positive relationships that enhance trust and are a source of enrichment to the individual, their team and throughout the organisation. Content will include:

  • Building relationships to increase mutual support, collaboration, influence and learning.
  • Maximising social connectedness, diversity and inclusion.
  • Social connectedness and mirror neurons—increasing empathy, establishing rapport, building relationships and motivating people in every conversation

Module 5: Positive communication

This session will focus on engaging in positive communication where affirmative, supportive and inclusive language replaces negative and critical language. Content will include:

  • Increasing capacity to hold affirmative, constructive conversations.
  • Neuro-insights for influencing and managing change.
  • Active Constructive Responding, a framework for engaging and inspiring people, demonstrating active listening and celebrating success
  • Increasing the positive to negative ratio (PNR) in communication, asking questions, listening with an open mind and inviting input
This webinar series has been designed for executives, leaders, high-potential managers on track for a leadership career, people managers and consultants.
After each ninety minute webinar you will receive a recording of the live session, tip sheets, resources and exercises to practice at home. You will also receive an eBook on Positive Leadership. There will be time to have your questions answered, share your successes and learning with the group and gain feedback and guidance.

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In-house training

Ask us about delivering this training in your organisation or professional network. We can also tailor programs to suit your business, audience and strategic goals.

Expert Facilitator

Sue Langley
Sue Langley
CEO and Founder of the Langley Group of companies, Sue has taught thousands of business leaders, HR professionals and consultants how to harness the brain’s potential, create positive workplaces and be more intelligent about emotions. A dynamic and inspiring speaker, Sue’s gift is synthesising science into simple, practical tools anyone can use. Her research at the sweet spot of creativity, positive emotions and brain training inspires people with new ways to get the best from people.
Sue holds a Master in Neuroscience of Leadership from Middlesex University, BA in Psychology and Management from Monash and has studied positive psychology at Harvard. Her background as a senior leader in travel, financial services and recruitment in Australia and Europe gives her an appreciation for people’s diversity.

Read more about Sue.

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