Unlock performance, energy and potential in organisations by realising team strengths.

Take your Strengths Profile knowledge and practice to the next level by learning how to unlock strengths potential in teams and organisations. In this 2-hour online training by webinar, you will learn how to understand, interpret and debrief the Strengths Profile Team Profile, which reveals strengths that exist across a team. You will also receive practical hands-on guidance to deliver engaging team strengths sessions and embed a strengths-based culture in organisations. You will receive everything you need to successfully manage and facilitate team strengths sessions and align strengths to team strategy and outcomes

With this 120 minute webinar you will receive a recording of the live session you can listen to at any time and the Strengths Profile Team Facilitator Guide (digital) to enable you to accurately interpret Strengths Team Profiles. The course is limited so you will have plenty of time to have your questions answered and learn from your peers.
This professional training will enable you to realise team strengths to:

  • Enhance team performance by uncovering and harnessing team strengths
  • Maximise opportunities for growth within individuals and collectively as a team
  • Identify the unique potential and capability of each person to contribute to team vision, objectives, long- and short-term goals
  • Improve relationships, communication and collaboration by enabling team managers and members to build a shared positive language of strengths along with realistic assessment of weaknesses
  • Sustain team engagement by identifying and using their strengths to increase wellbeing and resilience
  • Prevent burnout of teams and address challenges productively
  • Allocate roles and responsibilities according to strengths.
Coaches, consultants, facilitators, HR professionals and leaders who want to understand and leverage team strengths.
Developed by Alex Linley and his team at Capp, Strengths Profile is built from a decade of theoretical and empirical research in positive psychology and has been taken by 70,000+ people around the world.

Unique and distinct from traditional one-dimensional strengths tests, Strengths Profile assesses 60 strengths across three dimensions of energy, performance and use. The tool reveals a dynamic set of realised strengths, weaknesses, learned (or de-energising) behaviours and unrealised strengths. This provides a positive platform for development, enabling people to access the energy behind strengths and design positive strategies to maximise growth potential, minimise weaknesses and optimise performance and wellbeing.

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Expert Facilitator

Sue Langley
Sue Langley
Sue Langley is a master trainer, speaker and leading advisor on the practical applications of emotional intelligence, positive psychology and neuroscience. She is the only licensed master trainer in Strengths Profile, qualified by tool author, Capp, to certify practitioners across Asia-Pacific. She has a Master in Neuroscience of Leadership, BA in Psychology and has studied positive psychology at Harvard. She is also a master trainer in the leading emotional intelligence tools, MSCEIT, EQ-i 2.0 and Genos EI, and i4 Neuroleader, a new brain-based leadership assessment.

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