Emotional Intelligence Facilitator Pack

Emotional Intelligence Facilitator Pack

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The Emotional Intelligence Facilitator Pack contains the following items:

1 x set of Emotions Cards
1 x set of Values Cards
1 x set of Inspire Action Cards
1 x set of Intensity Cards
1 x set of Goal / Me Cards

All card sets come with their own suggested uses for facilitators and for families.

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Emotion Cards

Articulating emotions more effectively leads to increased emotional regulation. These cards can be used in so many ways to bring emotional vocabularies to life and to explore the nuances behind emotions. The cards come in their own little silver tins with a window showing off their instruction card. Along with the cards themselves there are some suggested uses for facilitators and for families. Each of the 150 cards have a different emotion word on them which are positive, negative or neutral, and are colour coded accordingly. These cards come with suggested uses.

Values Cards 

Each of the 150 cards have a different word on them which represents a value and are colour coded with six areas of values – Relationships / People; Personal / Individual; Professional; Emotional; Motivational links; and the VIA Character Strengths from the work of Chris Peterson and Martin Seligman. Use them all, or just take the colours you need.

Inspire Action Cards

Our Inspire Action cards are wonderful for enhancing your levels of flourishing. Each of the 56 cards has a different picture on one side, which can be used to facilitate self reflection and discussion of individual emotions, behaviour, motivation, communication or to give feedback. Each card also bears either an inspirational quote or an action to embed positive psychology practices.

These cards come with suggested uses.

*Each card is visibly distinct so we don’t recommend playing poker with them, as you will soon become familiar with each individual card.

Intensity Cards

The Intensity cards are made up of six sets of eight words. Each set represents one of the primary emotions and the words in the set are different levels of intensity of that emotions. The six sets are made up of the primary emotions; Fear, Happiness, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Contempt.

Each set is colour coded so they are easy to put back in their correct sets. They all come with suggested uses for facilitators. As an example the intensity words for fear include the words worried, wary, attentive, fearful, terror, edgy, panicked and nervous. Can you put them in the right order?

These cards are a fantastic tool to help people understand the progression of emotions and to better manage emotions as they arise.

The cards come with answers and suggested uses with ideas of how you can bring these cards to life with individuals and groups.

Goal / Me Cards

The Goal/Me cards are a small yet powerful product.

These cards can be used to demonstrate how perceptions influence the way we view our goals.

The cards are curved and create an optical illusion that one card is bigger than the other depending on the order you lay the cards down next to each other. In actual fact, both cards are the same size.

These cards are a visual representation of the shift that can occur when in a positive emotional state and focused on your strengths.

These cards come in a pack of 10 sets with each set comprising of a ‘goal’ card and a ‘me’ card.

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