Strengths Profile Manager Toolkit

Strengths Profile Manager Toolkit

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As a manager, you are responsible for your own performance, while also considering the performance of the individuals, the team, and the needs of the business.

This Strengths Profile Manager Toolkit is packed with tools, templates and practical applications to help you get the best from yourself and your people.

This toolkit is perfect for managers, coaches, consultants and Strengths Profile practitioners who want to develop their ability to work with strengths to get the best from managers and individuals.

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The Manager toolkit provides you with the knowledge and practical skills to understand and apply strengths successfully for you and your team. This tool will help you develop your understanding of strengths and give you practical tools to adopt a strengths approach in the management of your people. Learn to bring strengths conversations and activities to the forefront of your management with all your people, especially emerging talent.

Packed with tools, templates and practical applications, this Strengths Profile Manager Toolkit will help you get the best from yourself and your people, supported by the Strengths Profile tool.

Use in combination with your people’s individual Strengths Profile for deeper insights or the new Manager Insights that identifies for you the top two Realised and Unrealised Strengths of all your direct profiles in one handy report.

This toolkit includes:

Understanding strengths;

  • The strengths basics
  • The business case for strengths
  • The Strengths Profile Tool & available profiles
  • Strengths Spotting activities for yourself and others

Applying the Strengths to yourself;

  • Interpreting your strengths
  • Understanding you Strengths Families and how they impact your management style
  • Discover your core strengths and skills as a manager
  • Consider how your strengths interact with individual team members to get the best from your relationships.

Apply Strengths to Your Team

  • Practical suggestions for integrating strengths that work for you and your team
  • Develop five different types of strengths conversations
  • Coaching Using Strengths Profile
  • Strengths based goal setting
  • Performance conversations
  • Understand how to use strengths for effective delegation
  • Manage your teams learned behaviours and weaknesses



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