Inspiring and equipping individuals, teams and organisations to be the best they can be

What we offer

Our programmes and assessments help build positive, healthy and flourishing organisations.

Consulting services help clients to find transformational solutions and our live, virtual delivery provides accessible and cost effective learning opportunities.

Our psychometric assessments, accreditations and coaching packages assist in identifying and retaining talent.

We offer Train the Trainer options for in-house learning and development specialists. Our team of presenters are sought after for conference keynotes.


Benefit from our off-the-shelf and custom solutions

Coaches and Consultants

Make your business stand out from the crowd

Individual Learners

Reach your Potential

How we work

People and businesses will transform through learning with our engaging consultants and facilitators.

The science behind human flourishing, emotional intelligence and neuroscience comes to life.

Your people will build the foundational abilities to achieve and succeed at work and in life. The result is a positive culture and high levels of wellbeing, engagement and performance.

We aim to change the world – one neuron at a time.

Sue Langley

CEO and Founder

In 2002, Sue’s vision for the future of work was of a world where workplaces are positive, productive, creative and kind, and where all business leaders and influencers harness the brain’s potential for the benefit of all.

Her business, Langley Group Pty Ltd is the culmination of that vision, driven by years of hard work and commitment. Langley Group is now a global business, changing organisations and impacting lives on a daily basis.

Sue’s gift of synthesising science into the simple and the practical is inspirational and brings out the best in people.

What’s happening…

Emotional Intelligence and Peak Performance: A Winning Strategy

February 28th, 2022|

Leaders, coaches, athletes, teachers, parents, prime ministers – humans from all walks of life, can benefit from learning more about emotions. Understanding our emotions can lead to better outcomes for ourselves and others. The intelligent use of emotions is a cornerstone of peak performance.

Building a culture of diversity: Overcoming unconscious bias in your workplace

January 31st, 2022|

Our brains can consciously process dozens of pieces of information every second; simultaneously, we are unconsciously processing thousands more in the background. To keep up with all stimuli around us, we create mental shortcuts to make decision-making easier. When this happens, unconscious bias can creep in.

Sue Langley – Making a Difference in the World

December 20th, 2021|

Positive emotions are valuable for helping refuel our brains. If we are looking to stay motivated, we know positive emotions help us achieve our goals. Taking a little break from your To-Do list and referring to your Ta-List is the simple act of shifting your focus to activities that have a positive effect.



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